Membership Prices
1-year $350.00
1-year $300.00 for Seniors
3-month $150.00
3-month $125 for Students & Seniors
1-month $75.00
1-month $50 for Students & Seniors
Family – First two members pay $350.00, additional family members pay $100.00 each per year (Must live in same household.)

EFT Membership Prices – Electronic funds – must come out of checking account or credit card

  • Individual: $29 down – $30.00/month (1-year minimum – there is a $120 early cancellation policy) OR
  • Individual: $59 down – $40/month – no minimum requirement
  • Family:  First person pays the initiation fee – everyone else just monthly fee, must come out of the same account. After first 2 members all other only $10.00 per month (Must live in same household.)

Absolutely NO “freezes” unless medical documentation /college. College freeze needs 30 days left on contract.

– Day Pass: $10.00
– 10 Day Pass: $80.00
– 1 Week Pass: $30.00


    • If under age 18 you must have an adult present to sign the contract or day pass.
    • All members receive one free session with trainer.
    • No one allowed to workout in open-toe shoes.
    • No gym bags allowed on workout floor.
    • No slamming dumbbells.
    • Must remove all plates after using machine or bar.
    • Absolutely no vulgar language.
    • No non-members or children allowed in workout areas.
    • Lockers are available for use by members & guests, but you’re required to bring your own lock daily. (No leaving locks on overnight and the gym is not responsible for stolen items.)
    • Required to wipe down (clean) machines after use.